LWC Leadership Team.jpg

Most churches have deacons, others have elders, and some churches have both. Some churches, regardless of their structure, have a Senior or Lead Pastor who makes pretty much all the decisions. But that’s not how we do it at LWC.


LWC has a Leadership Team that collaborates talents and skills. The LWC Leadership Team discusses sermon topics at a high level, determines what outreach will be happening at different times of the year, or decides whether the church will run outreach programs in the summer, etc.

This Leadership Team is not a nuts and bolts group . . . that is, they don’t spend much time working on details of how—but rather stay up at the why level, determining the purpose and parameters of ministry.


By operating this way, LWC believes decisions will come out better because they are made through the diversity of thought and opinion.



Elder Karyle Barnes, Sr.; President Roger Bernard; Pastor Byron Wright; Elder Linda Daniels; Elder Lusajo Kaysupa.